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  • Outdoor Journal Radio – February 25 2017

  • The Municipality of Port Hope is considering a Municipal Access Fish Pass for fishermen on the Ganaraska River. The permit would cost about $40 a season for fishermen using municipal or conservation authority property on the river. Is this necessary? Will this curb the illegal fishing and bad behavior by some fishermen? Angelo will talk to Jim McCormack from the Municipality of Port Hope about the[...]
  • Outdoor Journal Radio – February 18 2017

  • It’s the Family Day Holiday weekend! With great weather, everyone will be outdoors! Across Ontario and much of Canada, it’s licence free fishing weekend. How do you count moose over a vast area in Northern Ontario in the dead of winter? Emilie Kissler from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry will join Angelo to talk about the science behind moose surveys. Scott Jamieson from[...]
  • Bison Shank Noodle Soup

  • INGREDIENTS: Serves: 6-8 Base Stock 2 Kgs beef or game marrow bones 2 pcs white onions 1/2 cup fried garlic 1/2 cup shallots sliced water Noodle Soup 6-8 pcs of Taiwanese style wide dried rice noodles 1 1/2 kg bison shanks 2 litres of stock 1/2 cup soy sauce 2 tsp chilli garlic sauce 2 tbsp. Chinese cooking wine 1 tbsp. dark brown sugar 2 pcs star anise 6 sprin[...]
  • Outdoor Journal Radio – February 11 2017

  • Angelo is cupid this week as we approach Valentine’s Day! Outdoor writer, and accomplished bass fisherman Wil Wegman, joins Angelo to talk about Licence Free Fishing Weekend on February 18th to 20th. Wil teaches fishing in a series of clinics held across Ontario. This week he’s in Ottawa teaching fishing 101. Ontario’s moose population is in decline and there’s a push to end the calf hunt. John[...]