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  • Glen Goldup

  • We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our good buddy Glen Goldup sales manager at Rogers Sportsnet 590 for all the years of support and friendship. Glen is retiring to a world of fishing, golfing and early bird buffets, from here on in everyday will be Saturday. Thanks for all your help Glen….we’ll all miss you at ODJ. Angelo Viola
  • Update: Mikey and the Reelers on ODJ Radio

  • Splitting their time between Toronto and several acres of pristine land in Westport, north of Kingston, Ontario, the band 'Mikey and the Reelers' have been living the rock 'n roll dream of anglers everywhere. Combining their love of fishing with their skills in the recording booth, Mike, Peter and Ryan released their first album in 2013. Having worked on a number of projects including a pre[...]
  • How To 'Podcast' the Outdoor Journal Radio Show

  • A few listeners have taken the time to ask about how to receive a podcast, or what a podcast is. A podcast is just an audio (or video) file, often a familiar MP3 which you may have seen in your music library on your computer. We store these MP3 files on our server, and publish it. Software on your end subscribes to what's called a feed, so when we publish something new, your software will downl[...]