Moose Country Minute – April 04 2015


The talk around the ice fishing hole at Outdoor Journal Radio last week was all about Gord Pyzer’s Northern Ontario Grand Slam video — three drops into the hole and three fish.

A hefty smallmouth bass, a good-sized Northern Pike, and a trophy lake trout.

The impression left with me was that the fish were caught on consecutive line drops into the same hole, which tends to leave me a bit skeptical considering the video appeared to be shot during different light conditions and with what seemed to be a different angle to the dangle.

But I could be wrong. They don’t call Gord Pyzer the PhDer among fishermen without good reason.

He is the best among the best.

That said, in all my years hating ice fishing – the reasons having been given here on more than one  occasion — I figure the odds of catching a smallmouth, a pike and a lake trout in the same hole is about as likely as seeing a chicken, a fox and a hound sitting around the same henhouse.

It’s possible, I suppose, but not probable.

The note on the video Gord provided suggested the volume be turned up. If I am right, it was the theme music from the movie, Jaws.

Which, by the way, is why I have feared  swimming in an ocean for the last 40 years.


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