Moose Country Minute – April 12 2014


If I have learned anything over the century or more that I have been in journalism, it’s that what comes across as humorous on radio rarely, if ever,

come across as humorous in the cold light of newsprint.

Hence my casual Barenaked Ladies friend, Ed Robertson, was ticked off at me when he picked up a recent edition of the Bancroft Times and read my script from my radio commentary here two weeks ago in which I tried to have a bit of fun with getting airborne on my snowmobile after hitting a snowbank on the lake ice outside his cottage.

I hit the banks of what looked like a plowed airstrip or snowmobile race track and, because Ed flies his own plane, I wondered aloud if he had done this without stressing it was probably not him.

Ed, after all, is so safety conscious that he surrounded a skating rink he had made for his kids with enough reflectors to dazzle any set of eyes.

Now Ed did not ask me to apologize, but I do so unreservedly because I do not dodge admitting to my mistakes or misrepresentations, nor to manning up whenever the need arises.

It’s just not in my professional DNA.

So my apologies to Ed. What sounded funny on radio, did not come even close in print.

Call this a lesson re-learned


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