Moose Country Minute – April 14 2018


The best way I have found to handle the trolls on Facebook and other social media is the delete button.

It does wonders.

Those of us who commentate or partake in outdoors activities like hunting or fishing know the kind of feedback we get, particularly when it comes to hunting.

Recently, a hunter who legally took a cougar with his hunting rifle, all sanctioned and licenced and part of the ministry’s conservation template, was raked over the coals, tarred and feathered, locked in a pillory and ridiculed as a cold-blooded killer.

Had he legally shot a white-tailed deer, a wild turkey or even an elk up Bancroft way, there would have been no such reaction by the trolls.

But the shooting of this cougar drove people over the deep end, and off their rockers.

We’ve seen if before of course.

Vitriol is not a new commodity among the anti-hunting crowd, but their access to ways to spew have never been greater what with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social-media platforms at their fingertips.

I’ve even been trolled for fishing, even though I generally practice catch and release.

They say hooking a fish is cruel. They say reeling it in causes great anxiety in the minds of the fish.

They have called me a barbarian.

So, take my advice if you ever find yourself getting trolled for being a hunter or a fisherman.

Find the delete bottom, and don’t be afraid to use it.

It’s like magic.