Moose Country Minute – April 19 2014


It was with heavy heart that I said goodbye last Saturday to my Dodge Dakota half-tonne — a honey  of a truck that hauled many a boat to many lakes, many cords of wood to the cottage, and hauled me and my kayak to many scenic rivers and lakes.

It has been with me for 13 years.

But it was time.

The engine had 465,000 kilometers on it, the windshield had been cracked for five years unnoticed by many coppers who had stopped me to admire it.

She’s been a good old girl.

The muffler, though, was just about to have me likely fail the e-test due in June — but she had passed one two years ago with the muffler cracked and held together with a clamp.

When a check was done on her history, it came up that she had received some $30,000 in damages over the years, the most ever seen by the dealership.

But what the hell? She had taken out one SUV that had failed to stop at a red light, plus a car belonging to a retired politician that rear-ended her one rainy day in Toronto.

Plus, she had bagged one deer more than I have ever bagged, plus a duck that flew out of a marsh a little too low to the ground.

And, oh yeah, one skunk.

I miss her already.

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