Moose Country Minute – August 02 2014


Once upon a time, I had a big honkin’ Harley Davidson, a 1990 Electra Glide pimped out in chrome and with a headlight the size of Saturn.

My daughter called it a Murdercycle.

This summer has not been a good summer for motorcyclists, with the open road outside of major cities already claiming 17 lives in OPP jurisdictions as of this writing, and probably more by the time this goes to air.

After two summers riding that machine of mine, and dodging bullets during virtually every ride and too many close calls, I took my daughter’s not-so-subtle message to heart and hung up my leathers.

No more pressing my luck.

In 2013, 28 motorcyclists died on OPP-patrolled roads. What is important to note, however, is that almost half of these deaths occurred with the motorcycle operator having no role in the cause of the accident.

And that is what I discovered myself during my time on the road. People were out to kill me.

It was as if my motorcycle was invisible, despite its size and its dazzling halogen headlight.

But, regardless of the cause, motorcyclists don’t win any arguments with even the smallest of cars.

Not being the cause of an accident does not make you any less dead.

So, on this civic holiday, look in your rear and side-view mirrors when enjoying the scenery of this great province.

My old bike — hopefully — could still be on the road, with someone else’s daughter worrying about their dad.


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