Moose Country Minute – August 05 2017


Okay, we’ve seen a bit of sun, but how did you enjoy all the rain? It seemed relentless for a time, so much so that farmers in some of the towns in the Ottawa Valley have had their fields submerged, and their crops drowned out.

The only thing thriving are mosquitoes. You walk down the street and you can hear them copulating in the bushes and in the rain buckets.

Up on Baptiste Lake, our home for many years, the mosquitoes are so thick this year that they look like low-hanging clouds, almost like black flies in the spring.

People are giving blood whether they like it or not.

My wife is hyper-allergic to black fly bites, and mosquitoes, too. So it hasn’t been much of a summer for her what with all the bugs out to get her.

Two or three good bites and she swells up like an inflatable mattress, which is not a good thing.

I was doing some shore fishing the other day along the Rideau River and had to abandon it after 30 minutes or so because of the blood running down my ankles.

Stupid me, I forget the deet spray.

The crappie were not the only thing biting, sadly, and here I was in shorts and sandals. Dumb. Very dumb.

Dave Phillips, the national weatherman, has never been busier than he has this summer, appearing on news channel and jabbering away on radio programs letting us now what we already suspect — that this has been the rainiest summer in Ontario than ever before recorded.

Along the Rideau Canal, yachts have been trapped in locks that cannot be opened because of high water levels.

But at least they have beer fridges.


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