Moose Country Minute – August 11 2018


Those who heard last week’s commentary are likely awaiting my report on how my fishing trip went.

It went lousy.

The 1970s-vintage outboard motor on my 14-foot aluminum fishing boat was taken in for repairs at a local Ottawa marina some two weeks ago, and was supposed to be good-to-go when I headed out to White Lake near Arnprior to do a little bass fishing with my brother-in-law, a retired VIA Rail engineer famous for hauling Pierre Trudeau’s dead body back to Montreal after lying in state in Ottawa.

In my eyes, that made him a hero. At least it got Trudeau out of Ontario, which he had tried his best to ruin with his allegiance to multiculturalism and his imposition of the Official Languages Act to that every product we bought cost more.

Anyhow, no sooner had we cast off from the Cedar Grove resort on White Lake than the engine did precisely what I took it in for repair. It flipped itself out of gear.

It was the first thing atop the original work order. Did the marine mechanic not read it? Well, obviously not.

The problem had been untouched and unsolved.

I am now been told that the necessary part is no longer being made, but the marina had an old motor it was going to cannibalize and was 99.99% certain it would work.

I am still waiting for their call, and Sunday is the first day of my last and second week of vacation.

Naturally, I want that boat back in the water and working.

And I want to be compensated for their screwup and the money, the time and the hassle their screwup cost me.

We’ll see what they come up with.