Moose Country Minute – August 12 2017


As you listen to this, I am somewhere up around Blind River, taking a little Me time with absolutely no plans and no plan to have a plan.

I stuffed two fishing rods, my tackle box, and a sack full of soft baits into the back of my Jeep and hit the road.

Why Blind River? Why not?

It has been years since I have done this. All is good at home, and my wife is understanding.

This is just something I want to get out of my system. If I see a body of water and a place to rent a boat, I will pull in, talk to the locals about fishing, and then decide then and there if I will give it a go or keep on going.

It’s like Freedom 55, although given a few years.

If there are two motels in town, I will stay at the grungier one. There are always better stories to be heard in low-market motels than in any abode with more than two stars.

If the motel has a bar attached, all the better.

If I tuck in a little early, I will set the alarm for midnight and join the bar crowd for last call.

Up north, for as long as I can remember, Friday night is fight night, and therefore not something to be missed.

I do not participate any more, of course. Those days are long behind me and, besides, when you no longer drink you no longer have the same urge to duke it out with some stranger over something that is usually stupid.

Instead, you become an observer.

So, stay tuned to upcoming episodes of this Moose Country Minute, and I will fill you in on the fishing as well as any blow-by-blows that I come across.

Until then, over and out

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