Moose Country Minute – August 17 2013


Most of us have seen those kids on the highway who have “pimped their ride” — who have taken a four-cylinder Honda and have jazzed it up with chrome tailpipes, hood scoops and spoilers.
Well, I’ve been pimping my fishing ride.
That’s right, I’ve been tarting up my 14-foot aluminum fishing boat so much so that there is not much more lipstick I can put on this pig.
With so much time on my hands since getting whacked by Sun Media a month ago, I have been filling time with this boat. Past commentaries, in fact, have had me ridding myself on an old side-console tinny and putting my 1976 Johnson 25-horser on a somewhat newer stern-drive Sea Nymph 14-footer that I am now pimping up like a madman.
As I write this missive for Outdoor Journal Radio, my boat is at Bancroft Sport & Marine getting permanent running lights installed, along with an automatic bailer and a comfortable swivel seat.
I even got myself a new trailer since the one I now own has absolutely no road worthiness. It’s longest trip has been from my yard to the public dock on Baptiste Lake some 100 yards away.
When I bought it four years ago, it cost all of $80, cash and carry.
Try as I might, it is un-pimp-upable.

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