Moose Country Minute – August 18 2018


The marina in Ottawa that was supposed to have fixed my vintage 1970s-era outboard motor—but didn’t, leaving me stuck in the middle of one lake—claimed it was now good-to-go after I had thrown them more good money after bad.

No worries, et cetera. Have a nice day.

So how come, then, that I found myself last Friday in the middle of Golden Lake, just outside of Killaloe, with the engine once again disabled, and my blood pressure red-lining to a level that would have had my cardiologist scrambling for the jumper cables.

Worse, we had finally found the 60-foot hole an old-timer had told us about – a hole about the size in area of a small garage where, as he promised, the walleye would be stacked like cord wood. And they were.

The engine was not only disabled; however, it was dead. Its time had come. To make a very long story short, I phoned someone I trusted, the marina owner in my old stomping grounds of Bancroft, had headed off there to get a slightly-used but mint 9.9 hp four-stroke.

By the time I got back to Ottawa at 10 p.m., I had been up since six in the morning.

And I was exhausted.

If it wasn’t for three teenaged boys going for a spin in their parents’ bow rider, I would have likely still be in the middle of Golden Lake since it was totally empty of boat traffic.

But at least they got us back to the launch ramp.

And then I was off to Bancroft where I spent a whack of money I had never intended to spend.

But at least I am back in the game—or so I hope.