Moose Country Minute – August 19 2017


I spent a recent weekend in Prince Edward County wine country, which was a bit of a waste of time because I don’t drink anymore and so wine tours are also a bit of a waste.

Prince Edward County, in case you don’t know, sits mainly on the Bay of Quinte area of Lake Ontario, which has some of the best walleye fishing in the province.

So, we went to this posh restaurant in the town of Wellington. There was Karen and I, Sun cartoonist Andy Donato and his wife, Dianne, and Yvonne Chritentten, the wife of the late Peter Worthington who was our hostess for the weekend.

Some 30 years ago, Peter and Yvonne bought some wonderful acreage on the shores of Lake Ontario, and that’s where we ended up staying, and then tripping off to mingle with the tourists in the town.

Now, that posh restaurant I just mentioned. Well, it had pickerel on the menu, which cost nearly as much as a New York strip sirloin, and came pan fried with some kind of fancy rice and vegetables I cannot pronounce.

I should have ordered the steak.

The piece of fish that arrived on my plate was about the size of a deck of playing cards.

Yes, that small. I don’t think you can catch a pickerel in the Bay of Quinte which would be small enough to produce the portion size I received.

Was I ticked off? You bet.

My portion of the bill, which paid for my wife’s wife and my wife’s steak, was $200, tip included.

When done, I felt like going to McDonald’s for a fish sandwich, but there was no McDonald’s in town.


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