Moose Country Minute – August 26 2017


Well, like I told you two weeks ago, I took a little personal getaway and headed north to Blind River, Ontario, to do some fishing and hang out in dodgy motels.

The motels were great; the fishing not so much.

From Blind River, I headed a bit further north to Iron Bridge where I had some great walleye fishing in the past.

This trip, again, not so much.

The locals told me the water was too high, even that far north, and that even those who know how to fish for walleye had given it up as a waste of time.

Better to hunt down musky, I was told. So, I did that, too, and came up with zilch.

The only good news is that I got stopped twice for speeding and twice got off.

The cops saw my fishing poles in the Jeep Wrangler I drive, and asked what was up.

Just getting away from hell in the city, I told them. Told them my only plan was having no plan and that I just had to get away for some peace of mind.

It seemed to work.

I even got some hotel advice.

I love cheap motels, and I stayed in one in Parry Sound on the way north that had more extension cords running through it that I have veins in my heart.

I work up at three in the morning, with cold water dripping onto my forehead. It was from the air conditioner that was stuck in the wall above the bed.

There is, however, a chip shack on the reserve in Blind River that serves pickerel on Fridays. It can’t be beat.

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