Moose Country Minute – August 30 2014


This has been an absolutely miserable summer, especially for those whose livelihood depends on tourism and our love of the great outdoors.

It’s largely been wet. It’s largely been cold.

When the oldtimers hang up their fishing poles, you know that your venturing out will only result in a wet ass and an empty stringer.

So why bother?

Here on Baptiste Lake, where I hang my boat bailer, the marina has had one of its worst summers the owner can remember.

A marine retail outlet has already hauled out eight boats for winter storage because the owners of local cottages are fed up with the weather, and do not want to face what meteorologists have predicated will be a polar-vortex autumn.

The owner of Lock, Stock and Barrel in Bancroft, probably the best fishing and hunting outlet in the region, has had a summer that has not been kind to his bottom line.

I had a slow leak in the bottom of my 14-foot aluminum fishing boat, got it fixed by the incomparable NC Boyz north of town, but am debating whether to even put it back in the water.

I have bailed it out more times than I have used it. So, again, why bother?


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