Moose Country Minute – December 02 2017


I had to go to Toronto the other day. When I left Ottawa there was already half a foot of snow on the ground that was going nowhere. It was about 10 below.

And that’s not counting the wind chill.

It snowed all the way to Kingston, and then slowly petered out the further west we got.

In Toronto, there was not a lick of snow to be found. Many trees still had leaves on them, although they had reached the end of their days.

When I lived up on Baptiste Lake near Bancroft, while only 235 klicks away on a bias angle, I could always count on Toronto being at least eight degrees warmer in the winter.

Compared to Ottawa, make that 10 degrees.

That’s now confirmed. What is also confirmed is that Torontonians, by and large, are winter wusses, and hardly the outdoor types we’d like to think.

Folks on the streets were bundled up as if they were living in Tuktoyaktuk. They had on toques or parka hats. Big thick coats, boots and gloves. And there I was, walking to the corner store in shirt sleeves.

I must have looked like an idiot to them, but the temperature was hardly cold enough to be called cold.

Cold is minus 20, and perfect snowmobiling weather.

In Toronto, the city would be issuing cold-weather alert and opening up spaces for folks to seek refuge.

Global warming? Probably.

Gone are the days when Mel Lastman had call in the Canadian army to help bail the city out of a snowbank.

Hell, if I lived in Toronto now, I’d have to think twice about even investing in a snow shovel.