Moose Country Minute – December 06 2014


Now that the Grey Cup is in the rear-view mirror, we enter what I can only describe as  the beginning of purgatory season.

 The annual gun hunt is over, only the hardiest of fishermen are out on patches of water yet to be frozen, the boats owned my most of us are put away and we are now into the long wait for snowmobile and ice-hut season to begin.

Commercialism is attempting to get us into the Christmas season and huge campaigns trying to bring Black Friday to Canada didn’t materialize the way many retail outlets expected.

I was at a Hasty Mart on Black Friday, for example, and had to fight no crowd as I sought out a litre of 5% cream and a few boxes of K-cup coffee.

What’s that tell you?

We are also into Daylight Deprivation Time, which does nothing to improve the mood.

Snow, at least at the time of writing this pre-recorded offering, has not yet provided a snowmobile trail, or enough ground cover to don the snowshoes for a little stroll across a frozen meadow.

 There is, in fact, very little to do.

 I suppose I could go out and snare a rabbit or two, but why would I do something now that I have never done before?

So, as this show goes to air, I will be PVRing the Fish’n Canada show on Global.

 Last week was a good one, although it had Pete Bowman on his own. With no Angelo.

I wonder what the ratings were?


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