Moose Country Minute – December 09 2017


No doubt a great many of listeners of Outdoor Journal Radio are heading out today to get their Christmas trees.

Last year, I cut down my own. It was on our property on Baptiste Lake, near Bancroft, and was about 30 feet tall.

It was blocking our view of the lake and I said to myself, what the hell, I’ll cut it down and use the top part as our Christmas tree and toss the rest in the bush to rot.

The top end looked pretty damn good until I hauled it into the house, and set it up in the corner.

Then it looked more like a skeleton of a tree. It need a lot of filler to make it look decent.

In other words, it was one very ugly tree. My wife was not impressed but I prevailed. The deal? No pictures.

The year before, we had an artificial tree. I thought it was pretty nice but, when my back was turned, my wife tossed it out and it was hauled off to the dump.

This year, naturally, she wanted another. Not a real tree, mind you, because she doesn’t trust me anymore, but another artificial tree.

Artificial trees can look pretty real and, although the majority are made in China, they don’t come cheaply.

The one we got this year — a eight-footer — cost $500 plus tax. And that was on sale, with $100 off.

It’s also about a foot too tall for our ceiling.

Live and don’t learn.