Moose Country Minute – December 10 2016



My snowmobile trail permit arrived in the mail earlier this week, meaning all I have to do is plop down the $500 it costs for insurance and wait for it to snow.

It’s a bit of a rip-off.

When I was riding what my daughter called my murdercycle, a 1990 Harley Davidson Electra-glide, I could almost understand why motorcycle insurance was expensive.

Motorcycle accidents tend to be catastrophic.

Snowmobile accidents, not so much, although there are lunatics who push the envelope.

For one, you rarely get tossed from a snowmobile and, secondly, they don’t tend to slide on their sides a hundred metres down the highway if you do happen to get bucked off.

I’ve been bucked off once, after hitting an ice ridge on a lake, but no bone were broken and the sled without me on it came to a stop within a couple of body lengths.

And there was no need for an insurance claim.

My only insurance claim came a year ago when I was about to pull the machine out of its winter storage tent and the throttle stuck on wide open, whipping me across the driveway at full bore and into a retaining wall.

But, after more than six years as a recreational snowmobiler, that was my only claim.

The majority of my friends who enjoy the sport have never had an insurance claim, let alone an accident.

Maybe this is because our age group tends not to be as wild as some of the younger crowd, although there are exceptions to every rule.

So let’s blame the kids.

Why the hell not


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