Moose Country Minute – December 14 2013


When I was a kid, and the newest and the latest gimmick was not a part of my world, Christmas would come early with the annual skate exchange at the Brockville hockey rink.
You brought in your old skates and you exchanged them for a used pair that would actually fit well enough for another season of pond hockey.
Raising money was not the key for this exchange. The key was getting families of five kids like mine into skates without throwing more financial stress onto blue-collar parents.
It’s what good communities do.
If you were lucky, you might find a pair that fit and were maybe only a couple of years old, and new enough that you could actually read the CCM logo on the Achilles’ tendon guard — even if you didn’t know then who Achilles was, let alone a tendon.
Come Christmas morning, there’d a new pair of thick socks under the tree, and maybe a new hockey stick. It would be made of wood, of course, not titanium resin or whatever the hell it is that makes sticks today cost upwards of $150 a pop and yet are not even close to being bullet proof.
And then we’d be off to the pond with a new stick and old snow shovel over our shoulders.
The pond back then was always frozen by Christmas, like another gift from Santa.

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