Moose Country Minute – December 16 2017


A nice little pile went up for sale in tony Rosedale last week, complete with five bedrooms, a stone façade, a modern kitchen, an indoor pool, a beautiful private garden, and a cobblestone driveway leading to a separate garage — and all for a mere $5.4 million.

So, let me ask you this.

How is it that a temporary hockey rink on Parliament Hill costs $200,000 more than a luxury home Rosedale?

Surely there is some mistake.

After some 40 years in the journalism game, I am no longer surprised by how politicians spend our money, how stupid they can be, and how big a sucker we have become.

We simply give up now. We have grown to realize that no matter how much we bitch and complain, no matter how many letters we write to the editors of our newspapers, the politicians we keeping electing keep ignoring us.

Imagine, $5.6 million for a skating rink on Parliament Hill that was scheduled to be dismantled after New Year’s Eve, but will now be kept all tickety-boo until the end of February.

It’s an unconscionable waste of our money.

But no one thought twice. Someone thought it would be a good idea to end Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations with an outdoor rink overlooking the Peace Tower.

No one said, “Are you nuts?”

No one said, “Are you drunk? Are you stoned? Have you been smoking the drapes?”

So, next thing you knew, there it was.

Come one and come all. It’s only steps away from the longest skating rink in the world, that costs next to nothing.