Moose Country Minute – December 17 2016



How about a little quiz this morning? I am going to say a name, and I want to see if it rings any bells.

Kathryn McGarry. The clock is ticking.

Again, Kathryn McGarry.

Give up? I don’t blame you. Kathryn McGarry is our provincial Minister of Natural Resources, our minister of all things outdoors. Fishing, hunting, forestry management.

She likely knows as much about the outdoors as I know about critical-care nursing.

You’ll get my drift in a second.

McGarry is from the Cambridge area. She spent 30 years as a critical care nurse before finally get elected as a Liberal in 2014, after two previous failed attempts.

And that’s part of the point. When she was appointed as minister, Premier Kathleen Wynne said it was another important step towards gender parity in her cabinet.

She spoke zero about McGarry’s capability to be minister of natural resources. Absolutely zilch

McGarry’s points were that she was a woman.

Now, anyone involved in the outdoors, or who lives in rural Ontario, realizes the Wynne government cares not a whit about them because they don’t represent votes.

There is no question our MNR personnel, and especially conservation officers, do a great job in the field.

But they also get short shrift from Queen’s Park.

Conservatives tend to come from rural Ontario and the north, but they don’t represent a concentrated vote worth pursuing by progressives.

Two more years. That’s what we will be getting.

Two more years of nothing.



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