Moose Country Minute – December 20 2014


With only five more sleeps until Christmas, we are now into the time when parents of young kids have the most leverage to spin the naughty-or-nice Santa Claus extortion move.

You know the one. Either you behave or Santa Claus will do a fly-past but not drop in. So be good for goodness sake.

My parents used that trick on me until I was well into my teens, knowing that not even a rotten little kid like me would spill the beans to my four younger siblings. Sure, I was naughty, but not that naughty.

So, what do I want for Christmas? Well, it seems every time I go online to check out something, up pops an ad trying to sell me a Mystery Fishing Box, promising that, for a fee of $15 a month, I will get a package of tried-and-true fishing tackle every month until I cancel the contract.

I fell for one of those ads one time that promised I’d lose 20 lbs a month if I took one of their magic herbal-based pills once a day — regardless if I changed my diet or Biggie-sized everything.

So I think I will pass on the Mystery Fishing Box. After all, it is not as if I do not have enough lures in my tackle box. It’s just that I don’t know how to use them as well as Angelo and Pete.

For Christmas, perhaps they can give me lessons.

I promise to be nice.

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