Moose Country Minute – December 23 2017


When you were preparing your Christmas turkey, or stuffing your Christmas goose, I hope you used bread that didn’t come from any of the companies involved in Loblaws price-fixing scam.

After 14 years of rigging the game, Loblaws is offering a $25 gift card in supposed good faith, which is a bit of a laugh considering the length and enormity of the crime.

Try stealing a rod and a reel, and you will end up with a criminal record, but no one in the Loblaws scam was charged, although there were apparently some jobs lost.

If this is true, give us their names.

No names, and I’m not buying in.

No doubt there is a truckload of people right now trying to figure out how to scam Loblaws like they scammed us.

According to their website, if you supply your email address, they will notify you when $25 coupons become available to its customers, supposedly on Jan. 8.

That leaves everyone plenty of time to conjure up a slew of email addresses—in Hotmail accounts, Gmail accounts, Yahoo accounts, any kind of email account.

And then sit back to await the green light.

Galen Weston, the CEO of Loblaws, has publicly apologized, which is all well and good when you are among the richest people in the universe.

But a lot of families with little or no means have been ripped off over the years.

And $25 just doesn’t cut it.

Loblaws should have the stuffing kicked out of them.