Moose Country Minute – December 27 2014


As a new year broaches, and we say either good riddance or fond farewell to 2014, I will continue to make the New Year’s resolution of making no New Year’s resolutions.

So far this has worked. It is one of the few things I have not failed at.

It’s not a great accomplishment, I agree, but you take them as they come.

But here is some free advice for 2015 regarding the outdoors and getting the family involved.

Twice a year, the province of Ontario allows residents to fish without a licence, with the first free weekend of 2015 falling on February 14, which means some hard-water fishing can be enjoyed.

But listen up men. Do not — I repeat, do not — look upon this ice-fishing opportunity as a romantic getaway. Yes, it falls on Valentine’s Day, but no woman I have ever known, including the one who has been my wife for 30-plus years, will look upon this as a romantic gesture.

Ice fishing is no picnic. You can dream all you want about a  beautiful day of sunshine but Mother Nature will dash that hope faster than you can say frozen feet and what in the hell are we doing here.

So, if you plan, unlike me, to make a New Year’s Resolution, resolve not to take your significant other ice fishing unless you are in a swank hotel fishing for ice in a bucket filled with chilled bottles of champagne.

Trust me on this one, and Happy New Year.


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