Moose Country Minute – December 3 2016



I was in Toronto last week to introduce Toronto Sun cartoonist Andy Donato, another great Italian like Angelo, at a  dinner to induct him into the Canadian News Hall of Fame.

There was no snow in Toronto. In fact, the grass was still green, even though it was a bit coolish.

Not so up here.

We left snow in Bancroft to return to snow in Bancroft, and a difference of about 10 degrees colder.

In fact, the snowmobile season has already begun up in my neck of the woods. For some.

The day after I returned from Toronto, there was a empty snowmobile trailer at one of the parks in Bancroft, with tracks leading away from it towards to old rail line out of town.

At first, it kind of ticked me off, knowing that there was enough snow to ride a snowmobile, but not enough to keep the trail from being chewed up.

But is it early right? Weather experts predict, in fact, that this winter will have more snow than usual up my way, mainly because the water in the Great Lakes is warmer than usual.

So the lake effect will come into play, which will make the snowmobile season one of the best ever if it holds true.

I didn’t take up the sport until six years ago and immediately wished I had done it sooner.

The machines of today are almost bullet-proof, and powerful enough to no longer get mired in slush as happened all too often in the supposed good old days.

Me? I will likely wait until the lake freezes, thereby opening up multiple trail routes heading north to Algonquin Park and beyond.

Then again, maybe not. It depends on the snow.

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