Moose Country Minute – February 04 2017


As I was writing this, the local newspaper I had just been reading had the OPP already reporting seven snowmobile deaths since the start of season

You will likely not read about these deaths in the Toronto Sun, or the Star, or especially in the Globe & Mail.

Snowmobilers, it would seem, are low in their readership demographic. Or so they think, wrongly I might add.

It was the start of Snowmobile Safety Week in Ontario, which obviously wasn’t a good start.

Three of the seven deaths reportedly resulted in machines breaking through the ice which, this year in particular, has been iffier than normal because of the weather fluctuating from freeze to thaw to freeze again.

The other day, my snowmobiling buddy, Wally McColl, and I decided not to risk running the ice of Mink Lake, just north of Bancroft, because it was always a coin flip.

There is always open water, which can be easily avoided if you know the lay of the lake, but there are other spots not always easily identified.

So we turned back, did a nice loop along some less-travelled trails, and headed home knowing we had made the right decision.

So here is my tip of the week. If you do not have local knowledge that comes with being local, then stick to the designated trails and be safe rather than sorry,

There is no risk-reward in this game.

Three people are already dead because they made a stupid mistake of taking unnecessary risk.

By the time this goes to air, there will likely be more who made the same mistake. Let’s make sure it is not you.



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