Moose Country Minute – February 1 2014


During a two-day snowmobile run last weekend, and after crossing many lakes that were off the beaten path of the official snowmobile trails, the number of ice-fishing huts encountered out in the middle of nowhere was absolutely astounding to me.

And I mean out of the middle of nowhere.

As you know from last week’s commentary, I wouldn’t be caught dead ice fishing, mainly because that last time damned neared killed me.

So that’s plowed ground, and time to move on.

But last week? Man oh man, there were lonely huts in the middle of frozen lakes that don’t even appear on a GPS unit, and the fact that it was 35-below and the wind was howling, did not seem to have an effect on hardcore hard-water fisherman.

Heading back from our run, we ran into three snowmobilers taking a break at a lay-by — friends of ours, as it turned out — who were heading to the Legion in Wilberforce to help with the weigh-in for a lake trout tournament.

Like I said, this is hardcore stuff.

Then again, there are some who would say heading out on a two-day snowmobile run when it is also 35-below might also indicate the lack of sharpness of the knives in those drawers.

And I can’t say I have an argument for that.

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