Moose Country Minute – February 10 2018


Here in Ottawa, the winter has not been worth a damn for those of us who like to snowmobile.

First, there were days on end of bitter cold, and only a fool would think 40-below with the wind chill is perfect snowmobiling weather.

And then there has been the lack of good snow.

By good snow, I mean snow that has been able to accumulate on the trails so that groomers have a good base with which to work.

It has been so bad that I have yet to get out.

If I call it a day, however, and cancel my snowmobile insurance, then out the window goes my comprehensive coverage.

Ergo, if my machine gets stolen, or the barn south of Ottawa where it now sits burns down, well, also out the window goes about $10,000.

Insurance ain’t cheap. Mine is $570. Throw on top of that the $200 for the mandatory trail pass, and you almost $1,000 in the red before you even start it up.

The only option to save a few bucks is to take collision coverage off the policy, which saves about $180.

But you’re still paying about $400 just to cover the long shot of a thief running off with it — it conveniently sits atop a trailer, of course … after all, why make it difficult to the bandits? — or a fire breaks out down on the farm.

Either way, you can’t win for losing.

If boys (and girls) want their toys, then there is always a price to pay.

And it is never just a couple of bucks here and there.