Moose Country Minute – February 15 2014


With so much snow this winter, a lot of people are giving snowmobiling a go, and there are places that will even rent out machines for newcomers.

But be smart. Wear the appropriate equipment.

Up in my neck of the woods in North Hastings, there is a story running around that comes from good sources about a young man who decided to wear his half-mask ATV helmet on one bitterly cold day and spent the next few days in absolute agony.

Anyone who has ever experienced severe frostbite knows the pain that comes with the thawing out process. It’s absolutely agonizing.

By the time he got to a rural hospital, he was screaming in pain, and had to be airlifted to Toronto where there are hypothermia experts on hand that hopefully saved his face from falling off.

Because of fears he might go into shock, no morphine was apparently administrated before lift off and, according to reports, he slipped into a pain-induced coma enroute to Toronto.

Let his lesson be a lesson to you.

The clothing and helmets of today can having you riding comfortably at speed, even in 40-below weather, and I can attest to this.

Saving a few bucks by wearing the wrong helmet suggests you brain is already frozen.


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