Moose Country Minute – February 17 2018


It is almost the end of Winterlude here in Ottawa, a festival, now in its 40th year, that tries to put fun into the frigidity of our nation’s capital.

Tomorrow is its last day. Hooray to that.

It means spring cannot be that far off, regardless of what the groundhogs have said.

Another sign of spring being just around the corner? Roll Up the Rim to Win, regardless of what you think of the reaction of some Tim Hortons franchises to the jump in the minimum wage.

Robins are next, and then it is time to clean up all the dog dirt that has accumulated in the back yard.

Nothing says spring like that.

I didn’t partake in Winterlude, of course. I see no upside in going for a skate on the Rideau Canal when the wind is howling and the wind chill is pushing minus-35.

Ditto with booking a slot to skate on the artificial rink on Parliament Hill, a final salute to Canada 150.

It cost taxpayers almost $6 million to put up that rink, and that $6 million that is not going to something useful.

That, alone, gives me the chills.

Once upon a time, it might have been romantic to go for a skate on the canal with your loved one, and sit on a bench enjoying a Beavertail and a cup of hot chocolate.

But those were also the days that you didn’t worry about losing your balance, and breaking a hip.

I’m told to worry about such things now, even if I don’t.

So, here’s to Winterlude. If you are in the Toronto, you have just one day left to get here. But, if you are not a bear for punishment, better to stay at home.