Moose Country Minute – February 22 2014


So Angelo is in England as we speak, as one of the many celebrity fishermen at the Big One, the largest consumer fishing tackle show in Great Britain. In one weekend alone, upwards of 20,000 fishing enthusiasts will make their way through the Queen’s Gates in Farnborough. Carp fishing in big in Great Britain, and that’s what Angelo will be talking about — catching a fish that most of us in Ontario care little about. I hope Brian Humphries is there. Two years ago, while carp fishing at a lake in Berkshire, Humphries landed the biggest freshwater fish every caught in Great Britain, a giant 27 kilogram mirror carp that locals desperately hunting for it over the years called The Parrot because of its stumped nose. Twenty-seven kilos, by the by, translates into 59 lbs, 14 oz. In pictures taken, this fish looks like a giant football. And I mean giant. Within hours of Humphries catch, his honey hole was chock-a-block with anglers, and so Humphries moved to a supposedly unpopular part of the same lake and landed a 40-lb common carp. Two trophies in a single day. Me? I’ve never caught a carp in my life. I never cared much for bottom feeders, whether they be fish or whether they be people. But each to his own.

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