Moose Country Minute – February 25 2017


As far as I am concerned, it’s about time the United States gave us an ambassador who knows how to hunt moose, clean fish, and whip around on a snowmobile.

This is why I fully endorse Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, as the next U.S. ambassador to Canada, a prospect that was floated around two weeks ago and neither confirmed nor denied by the White House.

Of course, every liberal went nuts with this news.

But to hell with them.

There is no question Sarah Palin knows what it is like to live in the Great White North, although they don’t call it that in Alaska, and she also knows the great contribution made to the economy by the oil industry.

Did you know that the oil coming out of Alaska is environmentally dirtier than bitumen from the oilsands?

Ask Sarah Palin. She’s tell you straight up.

Now I wrote about this in one of my Postmedia columns, and spoke of how Palin can ride a snowmobile with the best of them, all which prompted an email from a reader in Alaska who informed me they are called snow machines in Alaska, and now snowmobiles.

You betcha, I replied. Copy that.

I remember years ago seeing a poster at a fishing lodge, kind of a fake want ad. “Wanted,” it read, “woman with boat who can also clean fish. Please sent picture of boat.”

Sarah Palin would certainly fit that bill.

Given that she has bragged about having a killer recipe for moose stew and has bagged her own moose many a time would make her an incredible U.S. ambassador to Canada.

She would certainly liven up a patently dull Ottawa.


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