Moose Country Minute – February 28 2015


In last week’s commentary, I touted my brand snobbery as the proud owner of a Ski-doo snowmachine — a 2010 600 E-tec — which, I am sad to report today, was smashed up in a nanosecond crash that would have gone viral on YouTube if someone had captured it on video.

It was ugly. And scary.

I store my machine in one of those portable garage-type deals along the edge of our laneway, and had just started it up, with me straddled atop, when the throttle suddenly stuck on wide open when I gave it a couple of revs.

Well, suffice I shot out of that plastic garage like an overcharged cannonball, flew across the laneway and smashed into a snow-covered retaining wall.

The trip was all of 35 feet. I had no time to hit the kill switch let alone fill my pants.

It was over almost before it began.

As I write this, snow machines are zipping across the frozen lake vista of Baptise Lake out front, and heading out onto the trails that have just received a fresh fall of snow.

Naturally I am miserable.

Snowmobiling has made winter bearable, even enjoyable, but now it is just winter — time for it to end, and for spring to be sprung.


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