Moose Country Minute – January 06 2018


It was so cold in Ottawa over the New Year’s holiday —how cold was it? — that the ice on the $5.6 million rink on Parliament Hill, bought and paid through the generosity of the Canadian taxpayer, was too brittle to skate on.

That’s brass-monkey cold. That’s as cold as the hinges of Hell. That’s as cold as blue flugin.

To save you looking the last one up, it’s the temperature at which sailors say that fire freezes.

We’re talking upwards of -40C with the wind chill.

It was so cold that I didn’t even consider going up to the barn south of Ottawa where my snowmobile is stored, and where it is parked within feet of a registered snowmobile trail.

I did get my snowmobile gear out of the storage locker, though, but it was a balmy 10-below on that day.

When it’s in the -30s,  that would feel like summer.

So, here’s my dilemma. I was listening the other day to Environment Canada’s chief meteorologist, the ubiquitous — at this time of year, at least — Dave Phillips.

And he was saying the first month or so of winter will be colder than usual, which begs the question? Do I put down $500-plus for snowmobile insurance, or do I give myself a year off to get my back in better shape?

Did I not tell you about my back? It’s toast.

Besides, I don’t yet know a soul in my new neck of the woods who would drop everything to go snowmobiling like my old pal Wally McColl on Baptiste Lake would always do.

And, at my age, with my back, I should not be snowmobiling alone, especially when so many routes here involve heading across supposedly frozen water.

At least that’s what the OPP keep telling me.