Moose Country Minute – January 11 2014


It was 41-below in Toronto on Tuesday, but that included the wind-chill factor that made it the second-coldest day in the city’s history.

The coldest day ever was on Jan. 4, 1981, when the thermometer dipped to -44.7 Celsius.

I was living in Toronto at that time, on the ninth floor of a highrise then owned by the Hong Kong mafia. but I can’t recall it being that cold. Then again, Tuesday didn’t bother me that much either.

After all, during the previous weekend, when it was 35-below in Bancroft and I was doing 100 klicks an hour on a snowmobile, wind chill factors quickly become more irrelevant as the tolerance builds.

In fact, it made Tuesday in Toronto seem mild.

No gloves, no toque, no scarf.

I must admit, however, than my old half-tonne truck was a little hesitant to start but, even with 425,000 klicks on the odometer, it didn’t need a battery boost from the beleaguered CAA tow-truck drivers coming to the rescue of half of Toronto.\

I guess it’s just Dodge tough like its owner, or perhaps thought it was back home on Baptiste Lake.

Bottom line. Torontonians are wimps, especially the younger generation who were not around in the Seventies when Toronto actually got snow.

 Yes, those were the good old days, kids.

 Gather around and I will tell you some stories.

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