Moose Country Minute – January 14 2017



Well, the snowmobiling season is well afoot up in my neck of the woods, with more snow thus far this year in North Hastings country that we seemed to have had all of 2016.

The temperatures, however, have been up and down and so my snowmobiling buddy, Wally McColl, and I have yet to venture out on the lakes.

Thus far, we’ve run the snow-packed roads to get the trails a few klicks to the east of Baptiste Lake.

Oh, there have been a couple of fools zipping across Baptiste, but I worry too much about suddenly breaking down and having to swim with the fishes in 100 feet of water.

It’s not how I would like to exit this life. And I’m too old for Scarlett Johannsen to want anything to do with me.

My wish now is to go in my sleep on my 100th birthday, not at 100 miles an hour on the back of a Ski-doo or sinking into a lake because the ice was too thin.

But Wally and I have done our first runs of the season. After plunking down $200 for a trail pass, and $572 for insurance, the cost per kilometre at this juncture is pretty extreme but there are miles and miles of sledding ahead.

Thus far, I have averaged close to 2,000 kilometres a years, but now that I am back to writing four national newspaper columns a week for Postmedia, it may be tough to keep that average going.

Thanks to the miracle of WiFi, however, who at Postmedia headquarters in Toronto would know if I was writing from the Mad Musher tavern near Algonquin Park or from my home office on the shores of Baptiste Lake?

No one, that’s who.

Let’s keep it that way.

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