Moose Country Minute – January 24 2015


When you live in what most city folks would consider the middle of nowhere, you sometimes wonder how the pioneers of the Great White North avoided going insane.

When things go wrong, and things going wrong usually happen when you are away for more than 24 hours, there is rarely an easy fix.

Throw in winter and minus-30 wind chills as were experienced up here on Baptiste Lake last week, and life in God’s country suddenly becomes more like the devil’s doing.

Those bubblers I bragged about that were going to save my docks from ice damage? Seized up or frozen shut. One or the other.

Came back after two days in the Big Ugly and all that open water along my shoreline was no more. So, to hell with it. Mother Nature wins yet again.

I surrender.

The land line suddenly goes dead, and with it the Internet feed, and again its no easy fix, at least not for Paul, the magician technician from Bell Canada. A trudge through the bush at minus-27, without the wind chill, is not a piece of cake.

The only good news is that my snowmobile started after its summer recess.

But it has yet to go anywhere.


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