Moose Country Minute – January 27 2018


A certain director of this radio program is off in Mexico right now, and therefore setting a bad example about how Canadians deal with the Great White North.

But who can blame him? Really?

I’d be willing to bet a Tim Hortons double-double — if it is still okay to talk about Timmies without going all Wynne-like and talking bully-boy stuff? — that he booked his vacation trip to sunny Mexico when it was pushing minus-40 in Toronto.

A lot of people were thinking of getting out of Dodge at that time and, judging by the stories coming out of Pearson International, they weren’t about to change their minds.

Me? Well, I said here recently, the way to deal with the cruellest of cold is to not be stupid about it.

You don’t go jogging at forty below, especially if you’re only looking to get yourself on television as some supposedly brave soul. That’s idiotic.

I draw the line in the snow when it comes to snowmobiling at minus-25. Anything colder than that is risky. If your machine breaks down, and you are in the middle of nowhere, then you will be alone. Why? Because only the maddest of individuals go out at minus-25, so counting on a passerby to save your life is a crap shoot at best.

Better to pour yourself a stiff drink, and binge out on Netflix or Crave TV until the polar vortex leaves town.

It has been some time since I have ventured to Mexico and, I must admit, I would have rather been seeking shade in Los Cobos a few weeks ago than listening to my car engine stutter and groan from the strain of the cold in the nation’s capital.

But I am a product of the Great White North.