Moose Country Minute – January 28 2017



Our nation’s capital, or sucking central when it comes to your tax money, is apparently the seventh-coldest capital in the world — with Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar coming in first.

The problem, however, is that they take the average annual temperature to make their decision.

While Ottawa’s winters are brutal, its summers are often hot, so it throws off the scale.

Its average temperature is apparently 5.5 degrees Celsius, which is not exactly Miami.

The world’s longest skating rink, the Rideau Canal, opened early this year, and we can watch skaters from the 10th balcony of the apartment we have acquired here so that I can be closer to all your tax dollars.

Last weekend, however, it was closed. The warm spell that hit most of Ontario shut it down, not that the ice was unsafe but because the surface layer was like mush.

But maintenance trucks were still driving on it as if there were not a care in the world.

So, if you are planning on coming to Ottawa and bringing your skates, check out the city’s website first.

My skates are now permanently ensconced in my old hockey bag, having retired from beer league hockey almost a decade ago thanks to being slew-footed by an opposing player and tearing my rotator cuff.

So there will be no skating on the canal once it reopens.

One rotator-cuff tear is enough.

If you have ever suffered such a tear, it rivals the pain of child birth — or so the doctors told me.

But what would they know?

All of them were men.


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