Moose Country Minute – July 08 2017


The trailer on which I haul my bow-rider has likely logged less than 50 kilometres since it first arrived on Baptiste Lake.

The public launch is right next door to the cottage and, after the boat is in the water for the season, the trailer spends its summer in the sun.

In the winter, of course, is sits in the snow with the boat on top, all battened down and covered in a tarp.

When I went to haul the boat to the lake this summer,  however, I was informed the trailer was toast — so rusted out that it was no longer road-worthy.

The boat, meanwhile, was in excellent shape.

Who thinks of a trailer caving in before the boat it was bought to haul?

Was I ticked off? You bet I was ticked off.

You’d think, too, that there would be loads of used trailers for sale, but be damned if I could find one anywhere that would haul my 18-foot inboard-outboard.

So I had to buy new. For a boat that was 17 years old but still running like a top.

It set me back $2,700 at a time when I did not want to be set back $2,700. Who does?

But it was either that, or no boating.

Because of my job, my wife and I have rented an apartment in Ottawa and, because we planned to spend a lot of time there, I wanted to be able to cruise the Rideau again.

But that meant shelling out for a new trailer.

This has been done, of course, because the wife insisted and, because she insisted, I’d be a fool to resist.

Besides, it was also my plan to sneak my fishing boat into the nation’s capital to fish a few honey holes.

And I couldn’t do one without the other.


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