Moose Country Minute – July 05 2014


   I recently received a mailer from my federal MP, Daryl Kramp, which was just a little too gimmicky for my liking.

He wanted me, and all constituents of Prince Edward-Hastings, to fly the Canadian flag on Canada Day, and send him a back a response that the flag was indeed flown over our home so that, when the final count was tallied, his riding might be proclaimed the most patriotic riding in all of Canada.

The Canadian flag flies over our home year round, not just on Canada Day, and it costs me about $100 a year to replace it with a new one.

It’s a big flag, on a big pole.

Kramp’s mailer also had a paper Canadian flag that you could cut out and placed in your window.

This, to me, is really tacky.

I don’t blame Daryl Kramp for this, because it appears all MPs are in on this little flag-waving  campaign but, if most Canadians are like me, they will have celebrated Canada Day by saying a silent thank you to those who fought and died in two world wars to ensure our freedoms.

We live in a beautiful and vast country, and in a beautiful and vast province.

We live in a country with 40% of the world’s certified forests and some of the most pristine fresh water the world has to offer.

I brag about it to any foreign tourist who will listen, but they already know how fortunate we are.

They’ve witnessed it for themselves.

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