Moose Country Minute – July 12 2014


Am I a rain maker, a man who makes things happen? Maybe so.

In these commentaries, I talk a great deal about the Bancroft area of Ontario — its fishing, its hunting, its great snowmobile trails — and how I balance a life that has one foot in the bush and the other in the concrete jungle of Toronto.

So, where did I make rain?

Well, Outdoor Journal Radio producer John Winters sent me a copy of a recent Air Canada promotion hyping its favourite summer getaways from east to west.

And guess what?  Bancroft was one of the three destinations highlighted by Canada’s national airline.

The folks at Air Canada must be stalwart fans of Outdoor Journal Radio or how else would they know about Bancroft being the Mineral Capital of Canada?

My persistence has obviously paid off.

Now Bancroft does have an airport but I suspect that Air Canada would be unable to land any of its jets on that 2,500-foot runway perched, as it is, in the middle of some pretty rugged terrain.

And, last I checked, there were no commercial  flights connected to Bancroft’s Jack Brown Airport.

Still its only a 90-minute drive from Peterborough. And there you can actually land some pretty big jets.


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