Moose Country Minute – July 21 2018


If things go according to Hoyle, today will be the first day of my first holiday in what? … three years?

Suffice, it has been a long time coming.

Last week, I took my 14-foot tinny to the Pirate’s Cove Marina, just south of Ottawa on the Rideau River, to have my 1970s vintage outboard tuned up, and an electric trolling motor mounted to the stern.

I am no longer agile enough to go bouncing up to the bow, nor balance myself in such as narrow opening.

Yes, I am getting old. Stick it in your ear.

I am so old, in fact, that I have convinced my brother-in-law—a now long-retired VIA rail engineer—to come along and see if I taught him anything about fishing when he used to mooch a week or two at our cottage on Baptiste Lake.

Truth of the matter is, I need him for backup—just in case I flip into the lake trying to take a leak or blow a heart gasket if the engine breaks down and I have to row back to shore.

Hey, this stuff happens.

Anyone who has worked the OPP marine unit will tell you that a vast majority of men who go overboard and drown are recovered with their zippers down. True story.

Have they never thought of using the bailing bucket?

That’s what I do.

What taught me this was a previous occasion when I did go overboard trying to drain the proverbial vein.

You live and you learn.

Or you die.