Moose Country Minute – July 15 2017


My 14-foot tinny fishing boat, powered by a 25 horse-power engine now 41 years old, is now up at Round Lake near Killaloe where my daughter and her husband have a camping trailer.

They “borrowed” it, so to speak, when they volunteered a few weeks back to haul it out of winter storage.

That’ll teach them.

As it turned out, the ignition had fritzed out, and therefore wouldn’t start unless the pull cord was put to work.

Not my problem, I said, all which put my son-in-law in the situation of getting it fixed if he planned any walleye for the dinner table, as well as Round Lake bragging rights.

If he really wants fish, however, he’d be best to send my daughter, Erin, out on the hunt.

She has been taught by the best around, which is me.

I will go and fetch the boat in a couple of weeks, when it is again running like a charm. That old engine, the brand having changed its name years and years ago, has never let me down, even in the foulest of weather.

It may not be the cleanest-running outboard in cottage country, but it doesn’t spew oil and it has been the most reliable engine going.

Even its owner’s manual is mint, and could be worth a few bucks to a collector of such manuals.

I may put it on eBay.

My plan is to haul the boat back from Round Lake and put it to work on the Rideau River.

Want a good spot for walleye fishing? Try the weed line in what I call Room 222, which is the number of the buoy on the Rideau where that weed line is located. You’re welcome.

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