Moose Country Minute – July 2 2016


Well, it doesn’t get much better than this.
We celebrated Canada’s 149th birthday yesterday, my birthday was on Tuesday, and the bass season is now well underway.
For sports fisherman such as myself, having the bass season open is like Christmas in June.
There were some pretty blissful days before the season officially opened, and my face was as long as Pete Bowman is short thinking about the tranquility that no doubt existed in some of the back bays on Baptiste Lake, and how a top-water lure would have been the name of the game.

Nothing really beats a big bass churning towards a top-water bait, the anticipation of it slamming it hard, and then timing the hook set perfectly.
I know it’s Angelo’s favourite way to fish for bass and, even if hit and miss, it is a great way to spend an afternoon.
Fishing is about the only thing I do that totally empties my mind, and allows the brain muscle to relax.
And it is probably the only time my blood pressure is low, and my pulse is just fast enough to keep me alive.

I used to tournament fish many years ago, not the big ones but the small local tournaments where the top prize would be $500 or so.
There used to be a big Pro-Am in Kingston back in the Eighties. Angelo and his brother, Reno, used to compete in it, and there were draws for professional partners for amateurs such as myself. And this is how I got to fish with legends like Denny Brauer and O.T. Fears III.
I learned a lot, but never won a lick.
But were those ever great times.

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