Moose Country Minute – July 22 2017


While I have always considered myself a better-than-average fisherman, I nonetheless know when to wave the white flag and pack it in for the day.

I am not a scientist.

This year the spring and summer have had no consistencies. The temperatures have been either hot or cool and, most days, we’ve had rain.

In fact, according to the weatherman, we’ve already had the wettest spring and early summer in recorded history.

And then, in most places, lake levels have yet to return to their norms. Water levels are therefore high, and that changes many factors in how the game is played.

Fish go bonkers when the weather is ever-changing and, unlike Angelo and Pete, I have no idea what patterns to present or where to go to try them out.

And this, in turn, drives me bonkers. I can’t even figure out Baptiste Lake, and I’ve been living on it for decades.

When the rain and the winds come up, for example, where do smallmouth go? Do they go deep? Do they become less aggressive, meaning subtle baits are needed?

Or do they scatter every-whichway and leave their feeding to another day?

These have always been puzzlers.

I’ve always had good luck in the hour or so before a storm moves in because often an incoming storm sets about a feeding frenzy. But, after that, I get shut down.

Oh, I’ll try. I’ll sit in the boat and bail her out until the cows come home, as long as there is no lightning of course.

We need a better summer.

I hope one is on its way.


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