Moose Country Minute – July 26 2014


Unlike most weekend fishermen, I have two secret weapons in my hunt for fish.

They’re called Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman.

I have their cell numbers, in fact, and because of our so-called professional relationship on this radio program, I can call them up for advice — or text them — whenever the need arises.

This happens often.

The other day, for example, after a number of days of bad weather had me searching for a secret to catching fish under these conditions, I sent a text message to Pete Bowman for help.

His advice came quickly.

“Buy a case of 24 and a Cuban cigar, and then call me in two days,” he wrote.

In other words, someone like me as opposed to an experienced angler like him, was just wasting his time after a bout of bad weather.

Normal fishing techniques no longer apply in the days following heavy rain and wind.

Did I listen to Pete’s advice? Absolutely not.

I went out there, threw out about a thousand spinner-bait casts, and got skunked.

When I got home, I noticed a second text from Pete. “Oh yeah,” he wrote. “Just don’t throw out anything they’ll have to chase.”


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