Moose Country Minute – July 27 2013


A few days after I got unexpectedly whacked by Sun Media, I dropped by Fish’n Canada’s world headquarters in Oshawa to get some commiseration from my pal Angelo Viola.
And, oh yeah, he also gave me a whole whackload of fish baits, as well — enough plastics, in fact, to get me through the summer if I ever get my little fishing boat in the water.
Hell, what is it now? The last Saturday in July?
But it has been one of those summers, hasn’t it?
Angelo, by the way, got some fine cigars from me, courtesy of a stopover at one of the finer tobacconists on the Curve Lake Reserve.
Montecristo No. 4s, no less.
Angelo and his sidekick Pete Bowman had just returned from shooting a fishing trip around Walpole Island at a time when the thermometer had hit close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hell, he was as bagged out as I was, and it showed.
Like I said before, having been with them on one shoot out in northern Alberta, I can tell you their lives are not that of the Life of Riley.
It is damn hard work.
The good news, however, is that I have not been whacked here on Outdoor Journal Radio.
At least not yet.

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