Moose Country Minute – July 28 2018


Well, if you listened to last week’s commentary, you would think I had just spent the first week of my holidays which, as I said, would have been my first in three years.

If all things went according to Hoyle, I said.

Well, they didn’t go according to Hoyle.

When I took my 14-foot- tinny and its almost 45-year-old

outboard to Pirate’s Cove Marina south of Ottawa for a tune-up—make sure you bring it in a week early, I was told—they said it would be ready when I launched my vacation.

Well, Hoyle let me down, and so did they.

The boat was still sitting where I left it. Oh, I had called before making the trip out to the marina, but I got no call back.

The mechanic who the repairs clerk said was on the case, and even had the boat in the back shop, had not touched it.

When we met face-to-face, he got on his computer and started to add up the costs if this went wrong, or that went wrong, and if something in particular went wrong there was no way to fix it because the part no longer exists.

Ca-ching, ca-ching.

Before I left, he promised to get right on it at the first of the week where, instead of being on my second week of vacation, I was banging out a week’s worth of columns for Sun Media in order to pay for all the ca-chings.

No columns, no money.

Oh, by the way, tall those ca-chings don’t count the costs of the new battery and the new transom-mounted trolling motor I ordered, or the separate battery that it will require.

Retire? I can’t afford to retire.